Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Day Later...The List & The Melon Belly Both Grow

The Baby Prep To-Do List is longer today, not shorter...

- life insurance
- dog walker interviews
- the OTHER car needs work now too
- confirming hospital pre-registration
- finding pediatrician is much harder than originally thought due to having an HMO for insurance
- make list of other insurance to look into - HMO is irritating me
- pack bag for hospital
- pick out birth announcements
- order stamps for said announcements
- order champagne for celebration (ordering because there happens to be a brand that features my child's name)
- decide what to make for dinner!!!!! (well, its on the list)
- Halloween planning - long story, will do a seperate post about it
- make pedicure & eyebrow appointments
- a few items on the grocery list - things that are needed upon arrival home from hospital
- relax...people keep telling me that is important...when am I supposed to do that?

He He! Crazy!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Countdown is ON!

I know that due dates are somewhat arbitrary. I have no desire to rush anything that nature has planned but...when I was told a week ago that my actual due date was eight days sooner than we originally thought...I kicked into high gear. There is suddenly a whole lot more to get done.

First task, nursing bras and supplies - took care of that last weekend.

Second task, make sure we understand completely how to do the carseat...a simple theory. In actuality, getting the carseat properly attached to the car was easy. The trick comes in getting the car all properly arranged once the seat is in. The front passenger has to get up close and personal with their knees and each extraction of the baby carrier requires a Keystone Cops like routine of to and fro and seat adjusting.

Third task, find a pediatrician. I realize this should have been done long ago but I didn't realize it long ago...working the phones today.

Fourth task, get the Cherokee fixed. The carseat, the stroller, the dog and several people all fit in there...may eat more gas but gas is cheaper than marriage counseling and chiropractors.

He He...

Bubbles and a Book


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