Friday, October 20, 2006

You know...deadlines are overrated...

I went to my 40+ week appointment today. I arrived to find my doctor sitting in the receptionist's desk. He looked befuddled to say the least. Apparently his assistant called in sick today and that brings his whole office to a complete stand still. He was calling patients himself to cancel appointments - he and I spoke about my particular situation, he apologized that I had made such a long drive to the appointment that we didn't have but after chatting we concluded that its is best to leave things alone and see what progresses over the weekend. We will talk again on Monday...unless I go in labor sooner and then...well we will talk then!

So what I have learned...I need to diversify, to have more things to focus on than just the pending arrival of my daughter. I have lots of other back burner projects to work on...just hadn't done so because I figured it would be easier to select my focuses once the baby was here and I have a better idea of how demanding she will be...

Sigh...this is the ULTIMATE in "hurry up and wait" time management...what to do, what to do...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

So what did I accomplish today?

Dog Park.

Laundry put away.

Watched a Robert Redford movie - An Unfinished Life...which reminds me A LOT of a script I wrote that needs some editing....perhaps I can do that tomorrow.

Read my SIL's blog which is VERY informative but also very long and usually overwhelms my un-academic brain. I feel wiser.

Got through five levels of my computer game - Garden Dreams - learned that the Frog is your worst defense again the flying case you all were wondering.

And...I still feel fine, the same really...

And...I do find it amusing and sweet that everyone checks in with me...texts, IMs, emails, phone calls...but I feel bad that there is just nothing to report.

Oh, but I DID find some REALLY groovy boots that I would like at - however, being on maternity leave I think I will leave the shopping to the virtual realm.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Maybe it's just something I ate????

I still feel the baby moving around in there and I still have a big belly but...this "holding pattern" is starting to make me wonder...did I swallow a watermelon seed? Maybe there is no baby in there...its all a conspiracy. I mean really...the ultrasound could just be a video feed from something else...prenatal vitamins could secretly be some form of hormones that stopped my monthly cycle...there are lots of Scientologists in LA...maybe they spiked my drinks in January and implanted an ALIEN in me....

I don't really believe any of that...but I do feel oddly detached from the whole thing right now.

Aside from that...the baby's name in groovy painted wooden letters and colorful ribbons is now hanging on the wall in my room. Her home away from home is nearly set up as well, travel crib is set up. Both cars have the seat bases in them. Hospital bags are packed. Call lists are printed. Supplies are laid in. I am more focused now on things beyond her arrival...Christmas with my family, Thanksgiving menu and decoration, looking for new writing projects, sending out some scripts, winter wardrobe (for MEEEEEEEE!!!!!), the usual stuff...

Maybe this is normal...I think that I will leave the obsessing about Piper's arrival to the rest of the population and go see what groovy boots and warm coat I can find at Neiman Marcus for my trip to NYC in February....

Oh, and dig out my family's famous Christmas Cake recipe, nearly time to bake a few batches!

16 days to Halloween...but you knew that if you looked at the ticker at the bottom of my blog.


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