Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ephipany...(one that shows I live in So Cal for sure!)

I woke up in the middle of the night with cramps in my lower back. I wondered if it was a contraction but considering it lasted 30 minutes I am guessing not. My original due date was the 19th, so we have technically reverted to that but everyone knows that due dates are somewhat arbitrary that the "revised date", the Full Moon and Friday the 13th have all passed without a baby showing up...I am returning to my original hope...IF I can get her to stay in there until the 23rd, she will be a Scorpio instead of a Libra.

Scorpios are cool and it would be neat to have one in the family. It would also be nice to have that much more time to myself before she arrives. On the other hand...if my back is going to cramp up every night like it did last night...this might not be so nice of a "goal." There sure are a lot of catch-22s in being pregnant...hmmmmmm.

And for the record....

I still feel the same. :)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Okay, cool, I can go with this...

Weekly check-up reveals...NOTHING...the kid is happy in there, happy to hang out another week or even two. So...lots of build-up and then nothing. So, NOW, I can plan some things.

I have a Halloween project to work on, I have resumes to put together for after her arrival - time to look for new clients again. I have Christmas lists to compile, I have Christmas cards to order. Yeah, yeah, I am supposed to rest...well I am! I am taking a rest from dealing with BABY stuff and instead planning and strategizing about life stuff.

First on the list...better make sure my line-ups look strong on BOTH of my fantasy football teams for the weekend.

It's not quite business as usual but its close -



He he....

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Camera Battery Charger Located...which means...

It is NOW okay for labor to begin...because now I will be able to capture her first little moments of life.

There will be NO capturing of images of me giving birth...I don't want to see it and I am sure none of you do either. In fact if it could all be done in the dark it would be fantastic!


Now that the commotion of "the BIG DUE DATE" has come and gone without incident, event or birth - I find myself really enjoying the day today. Only have one item on my baby-prep to-do list today...need to go to the storage unit and find the rest of the little person stuff and drop off all my work files, etc. Things I won't be using for the next six weeks.

Its funny to think that this might be my very last day of being home alone with the dog, working on the computer, relaxing for the next 25 years! Lots still to do but nothing that can't really wait to get done.

There are moments in our life that we look back at and say, "that's when everything changed." Its very unique to be awaiting the birth of your first child though because you can sort of see that moment coming but you can't time the lead up a very odd sort of limbo.

Now.................if I could just find the battery charger for my digital camera I could actually relax.............

And before you ask:

(1) I still feel fine, same as yesterday.
(2) I do believe that dipping chocolate chip cookies in canned chocolate frosting is a HEALTHY choice for me today...mentally healthy.
(3) Yeah, I did buy the new Rod Stewart album - people have been telling me for the past nine months that I am of "advanced maternal age" maybe its going to my head.
(4) You guys are all fantastic and I don't really know how I would have made it this far without the AMAZING friends and extended family that I have. HUGSSSSSSSSSSSS!

And, people, a note: I PROMISE that if I suddenly feel "different" or go into labor or hear from my doctor that there is a change of status....I will let you know. I promise. If my daughter is even a tiny bit like me, she will show up exactly when SHE wants to, the way she wants to. Thanks for asking.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Nothing to Report

I have crossed a few items off the big list, but I have added some new ones.

I find that I have to preface ALL phone conversations with..."Hi, it's me, NOTHING to report...." and then lead into the reason for my call. I have also discovered that announcing "nothing to report" at the beginning of a conversation creates two consistent factors (1) people respond with some variation of "I imagined you in the hospital already..." and (2) a long drawn out discussion about something that THEY have going on, interersting but leaving my reason for actually calling unresolved. Amusing.

Pediatrician is cool.

Car is "fixed" and washed.

Hospital bag is packed.

Coming home outfits are selected (since we aren't exactly sure what size she will be).

Realization that I REALLY need to choose announcements SOON has led to lots of internet research today., I will go work on my To-Do List now...but before I case you were wondering...

(1) I feel fine today.
(2) I don't think she is coming before Friday.
(3) I am not nervous yet, wait till labor starts.
(4) Yes, my blood pressure is still high.
(5) Define "ready"?
(6) No, the North Korea situation is not worrying me.

More soon!


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