Wednesday, November 22, 2006

True Blue Moo...


Sometimes its all sunshine between Moo Dog and Princess P...

And's all a bit more than Moo Dog can take...

You and me and, well, all three

Princess P, Mama Moonpie and Our Hero

P2 and Our Hero hanging out...P2 contemplates a trip to Ireland, while being serenaded by Our Hero!

Aunt Sande's Visit

On Saturday we went and hung out with P2's Aunt Sande who was in town for a medical conference. Sande is one of my best friends, I have known her for 27 years which is more years than she was old when I first met her...its a long story for a different blog.

Next time S and her family is in town we will all go to Disneyland which is her son Rory's new favorite place to visit.

Personally, the Sofitel where S was staying while in town is one of my new favorite places to visit!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Ho Ho Ho...Gobble Gobble...Holidays are HERE!!

Those who know me well know exactly what time I wake up on Christmas morning...STILL!!!

Those who know me relatively well know that Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of my favorite holidays...along with MY birthday...which IS a national holiday BTW! Labor honor of all the time my poor mother spent trying get me OUT! daughter is only three weeks old...four weeks tomorrow...but I am already instilling the holiday spirit in her. Cultivating a love of the magic and spectacle that is the Holiday Season...and since we live in LA...what a spectacle it is.

Last night we joined thousands of other people at The Grove for a truly Los Angeles experience. The Grove is an outdoor mall and they had their big tree lighting last night, complete with a Santa sighting, snowfall and (scratches head) Hall and Oates, Elmo, Brian McKnight, Lance Bass....all of this oddness was reinforce by the fact that not only was this a Tree Lighting it was being filmed for a TV special that will air nationwide on December 2 (7 pm, CBS) so...they were doing multiple takes of everything...and staging our "reactions" to all of the was a little silly but the snow, pretty lights and ZZ Top like "actual bearded Santa" made it all amusing...

P2 was not amused...she slept through everything for an hour and then went into three week old meltdown as would be expected...truth be told...the crowd was giving me a 38-year-old meltdown as well. None the was a fun family outing - and a great way to launch the holiday season!

Bubbles and a Book


Moo and Pi

Tea time for the girls!

Slide on down!

Booger Nose!

Strolling in the Park

P2's new kitchen

Go the right way!

Such a big girl now!

Lilypie 2nd Birthday Ticker

Mooshy's 5th Birthday