Friday, November 17, 2006


A few things I should have been remarking on over the past few weeks...

Weight: MINE
Oct 24 - nine hours before Princess P was born - 164 lbs
Oct 31 - one week after P2 was born - 148 lbs
Nov 7 - two weeks after - 139 lbs
Nov 14 - three weeks after - 137 lbs
Nov 21 - four weeks - 137 lbs
***Nov 28 - five weeks - 134 lbs***

Weight: PRINCESS P's
Oct 24 - 7 lbs, 11 oz
Oct 31 - 7 lbs, 12 oz
Nov 17 - 9 lbs (unofficial- stood on scale holding her then subtracted my weight)
Nov 22 - 9 lbs, 8 oz

Weight: Moo Dog
Oct 24 - 148 lbs
Oct 31 - 148 lbs
Nov 7 - 148 lbs
Nov 14 - 148 lbs
Nov 21 - 148 lbs
Nov 28 - 148 lbs

Walks: OURS
Oct 31 first "real" walk - 30 minutes
Nov 2 next official walk - 30 minutes
THEN...banned for a while due to slowing recovery by pushing self too hard
Nov 17 - back in the saddle - 50 minute, two mile walk - this should help the weight come off - not allowed to diet while breastfeeding so...exercise is the only way to reduce calories...
Nov 27 - a few two milers this week!

Sleep: OURS
Two good nights in a row with two four hour stretches!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Happy Third Week - Birthday to Princess P!

Three weeks ago today - I was at this very moment asking for the EPIDURAL - all bravery was over...and I remember thinking that there should be a Martini called the Epidural...I need to invent it.

Here are a few shots of what Princess P has been up to in the last week.

Pictures not taken not here...the mall, which we did go to was not condusive to picture taking. The walks we have gone on with the dog have not been captured on film yet...the dog is talented but no imposable thumb (see my SIL's blog - link below - for more info on THAT, heck maybe we can get her to write about the Moro reflex too).

Bubbles and a Book


Moo and Pi

Tea time for the girls!

Slide on down!

Booger Nose!

Strolling in the Park

P2's new kitchen

Go the right way!

Such a big girl now!

Lilypie 2nd Birthday Ticker

Mooshy's 5th Birthday