Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Rollin' rollin'

BIG NEWS!! P2 rolled over today - twice - from her back to her front!!! both times she found herself the other side up and was none to happy, perhaps just none to sure...but she did it! :)

Clever "NEW" places to store things...AREN'T!

As my mother and mother-in-law could have told you in December after seperate but very similar treasure hunts for diamond rings...when we move things to a better place to store them its rarely actually a better place.

I have been looking for the battery charger for my camera for four days now - I know where I used to keep was clever, odd but clever. Then I went on a cleaning fit and decided to reorganize. As a result the charger now resides in a much more "practical" place...I just have absolutely NO IDEA where that might be.

It not in the bathroom, its not with the other electronics, its not in the bag with my laptop, its not in my desk drawer, its not in the nightstand drawers, its not under my bed, its not in the diaper bags, its really just vanished.

I welcome suggestions on where to look...even if you aren't familiar with my environs you may have a helpful hint...


I found it and I even...sort of....see the logic of where I put it. Its not worth the long story but suffice it to say, it is now back where it "belongs" plugged into the lower socket of the bathroom wall outlet.

A Graduation!

Piper slept last night in her crib instead of her bassinet!!! Sorry the picture quality is so horrible...I shot it on my Blackberry because I have temporarily misplaced the battery charger for my digital camera!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Things I didn't know I didn't have...

My dad used to (perhaps still does) describe the Lillian Vernon catalog as "solutions to problems you didn't know you had." I have a new variation on gear! I posted my top ten must have list not long ago. I have been thinking about it some more and I have more to say. I realize that this doesn't exactly go to Professor Papa's theorem...because the items I will describe actually address real "problems" that I really face.

When it comes to baby gear - toys - clothes and such there are several schools of thought.

Some people, it would seem, want to have to do as little as possible themselves to amuse, educate and soothe their babies - there are videos (for home, car, iPod), toys that make noise, things that buzz and sing and light up, colors, swirls, patterns, vibrations, jiggles, Wiggles, whirls, its madness...the toys do all the work.

Other people are very minimalist - cloth diapers, wooden pull toys, organic fibers, no binkies, no formula, no TV...there are even people who have adopted a diaper-free attitude towards child rearing (I am looking for a comment from Don't Trust Snakes...I know there is one lurking in there!).

Most people I am sure fall well in the middle...and I don't want to offend any of my readers so I will leave it at that...but where I am headed with this topic is a very short list of things that I had NO IDEA about prior to pregnancy, childbirth and early child-rearing but that actually DO solve problems I didn't know I had.

(1) Voice Activated Crib Lights - these go onto the crib and play soothing music and lights when the baby wakes up and cries...this one even can play your own voice.

(2) Gripe Water - herbal "cure" for colic and upset tummy, appropriately named...and quite tasty (had to check it out for myself).

(3)Oh, and speaking of binkies...because we were, sort is the greatest invention...if you have a sick kid who takes a binkie!

Bubbles and a Book


Moo and Pi

Tea time for the girls!

Slide on down!

Booger Nose!

Strolling in the Park

P2's new kitchen

Go the right way!

Such a big girl now!

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Mooshy's 5th Birthday