Saturday, December 30, 2006

First Trip to Disneyland!

Wednesday, when we were all recovered from THREE days of various family related festivities (Hilliard/Ferry Xmas Eve, Stewart/Ferry Christmas Day & Stewart/Haberman Boxing day) we piled into the cars bright and early and headed to the Happiest Place on Earth! Here we are starting out on the big day...

And here is a snap from later in the day...Grammy and Mama stopped for a break after a threatened rainstorm that never materialized...

Although there are no pictures Disneyland's Baby Care room where you can go to nurse, change diapers and generally escape the MADNESS was Mama's favorite Disney "feature" this trip...the parade wasn't so bad either!

In the end, P2 decided that the Happiest Place on Earth is definitely...The Bugaboo!

And for those who are wondering about the other three days of pictures...they are on the other camera and will be posted in un-chronological order in the next day or two! :)


Walking with Uncle Alabaster and Aunt Butterfly!

And P2 "letting" Uncle A hold her...

Christmas prep...

My mother, brother and sis-in-law are all coming to visit. Lots of things to get ready before they arrive, not the least of which is getting the stockings hung by the chimney (or kennel) with care.

Bubbles and a Book


Moo and Pi

Tea time for the girls!

Slide on down!

Booger Nose!

Strolling in the Park

P2's new kitchen

Go the right way!

Such a big girl now!

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