Saturday, March 10, 2007

Water Baby! Mini Mermaid!

In water related news...P2 had a bath in the little seat thing in the sink today. Ferry Grandmother took her there after an unfortunate diaper incident. She loved it...the days of the weird blue plastic minitub may be over.

As any self-respecting California girl would do. P2 gave her new suits a try before premiering them at the beach. The bikini was a gift from her "Aunt" Jodi.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Kickin Back in My Ride

After the adventure yesterday in her cousin's play car, Mama decided it was time to break out the Christmas presents is P2 taking her plushy K's Kids car for a spin.

First she looks both ways before pulling out of the driveway...Then she tests the gas and steering....

....stops by a friend's [dog] house to show off her new wheels...

...speeding down the big hill makes her nervous as she frantically pumps the brakes...

...and finally she parks the car and leans back to take in the view!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

P2 Behind the Wheel

Mama's Papa and The Pi

My dad (The Professor) flew in from the Hot Foods Conference in New Mexico to finally meet his first grandchild. The two hit it off right away. One of the adventures we took was a trip to the Huntington (much less crowded than our visit with Caelyn's Mom)...where The Pi, Our Hero and The Professor donned their respective sunglasses and posed for a group pic.

Bubbles and a Book


Moo and Pi

Tea time for the girls!

Slide on down!

Booger Nose!

Strolling in the Park

P2's new kitchen

Go the right way!

Such a big girl now!

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