Friday, January 26, 2007

Juggling - Gymnastics - Running - Walking

Juggling - me, scheduling school, work, baby classes, baby care, wedding planning and client projects
Gymnastics - P2, signed up for baby gymnastics classes
Running - me, errands, ideas past my friends, around like a chicken......
Walking - Moo and Me, once a day but striving for twice....

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Blogging, Baby!

(please read aloud title with Austin Powers intonation)

No, no, P2 is not blogging. I am. I had my first class last night at UCLA, it's called Introduction to New Media Public Relations Generating Public Awareness with Blogs, Podcasts, RSS, and Websites.

Now you all, kind readers, will be my guinea pigs as I begin to apply the things I am learning to this blog!

So begins a new adventure...

Organizing everyone's schedule and P2's meds and food wasn't terribly difficult. Driving to UCLA at rush hour was no more difficult and no less frustrating than one would expect. Finding the correct parking structure - easy, finding the correct building in the pitch dark on campus - not so easy. Locating lecture hall within said building, no sweat. Returning to parking structure after class - very easy, locating car within the structure...took a whole 30 minutes...NOT SO EASY!

Listening to lectures for THREE hours, in the late evening with no baby to attend to...well, very interesting speakers and topics - lots of relevant information for Mama's career development but...also, dark, quiet room with no baby....challenging to stay fully awake.

Things have sure changed since I was in college. Now there is an online interface program for each class. Quizzes and homework are done via that application. Grade information is available at anytime by visiting the site. The required books can be purchased online through the student bookstore and shipped to the house prior to class beginning. The suggested reading materials can be ordered through Amazon or other online booksellers and the groovy interface thing sends you right to those sites when you click on the title.

I remember in the OLD days, going to the Student Union and buying xeroxed notes from classes which I had missed (revisionist history writes..."missed" not "skipped")- planning group projects for class used to mean exchanging phone numbers and trying to plan meeting times that jivved with everyone's schedules (academic and social) we have our own Yahoo! Group page and instant messaging and probably won't physically meet prior to the actual presentation day.

I also, remember going to the computer lab to write papers - now everyone not only has a laptop they are "strongly encouraged" to bring them to class. Honestly, I am not THAT old but boy have things changed. Its fun.

On the homefront, the new breastpump I bought (come on, you wanted to know this!)is fantastic and I was able to double my usual output so P2 was well stocked before I left...however, she didn't feel like eating so the great reserves went unused.

And...the dog was content to hang out with whomever was holding the baby.

Phew, thanks for staying with me on that long entry...I am going to go make a grocery list and wait for P2 to wake up...then its off to our favorite store!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Okay, now I get it!

Piper has been sick for a week, she has a very good attitude about it but she is sick. We have to do this inhaler mask thing on her little schnozz every six hours. She doesn't love it but she sits through the ten minutes or so relatively calmly. I am finally, extremely sleep deprived. I am glad it hasn't been like this the whole time. She is on the road to recovery...the most exhausting thing is that she can't sleep lying flat on her back because it makes her wheezy (sp!!) and then that makes her, she has been sleeping on ME in the night and I have been sleeping half sitting up...its like being pregnant again. Right now she is konked out in her swing and I am trying to get caught up on two weeks of emails, website updates, blogs, resume postings and prepare for my class tonight at UCLA...

I need a nanny! NOW!

Okay, done whining, now must get some lunch and go be a cow (aka pump so there is a bottle for her dad to give her while I am in school).


Monday, January 22, 2007

The List

Poor little Princess P has a cold, it's sad to watch her struggling with a snotty nose and delicate little cough. We took her to the doctor on Saturday and she said that actually baby is doing really well - no fever, no ear infections, etc. Colds are just a fact of life. She is snoozing now so I actually have some time to update the blog so here goes.

I am taking some college courses this semester, nearly 10 years after the last college course I had taken and...GULP!...16 years since I was a regular student. As I prepare to go to my first class this week, I took out some blank notebooks and sharpened my pencils. As it turns out, one of the notebooks wasn't as blank as I expected.

I found four pages of lists within the book...all things in preparation for baby. Lists made late last spring based on books and advice from friends. Lists of things to buy, lists of things to be aware of, lists of medical information, lists of resources...having been a nanny and a babysitter over the years, I believed I had a handle on the who gamet.

So, today I am assessing these lists and I find that generally I was right on track. That said, I have come up with a new top ten list that I will add to the myriad of advice that people throw at new, first time mothers-to-be, here goes:

Mama MoonPie's Top Ten List for New Motherhood:

(1)Investing in a GREAT stroller - that you can click the car seat into, that adjusts to be a pram or a traditional stroller for an older baby - is absolutely worth it. (Granted, I was fortunate to receive my stroller as a gift from my dad but I was willing to and planning to buy it myself if he hadn't.)

(2) Kimono style onsies...not just for the newborn phase! I got a few of these for when she was brand new so that I didn't have to pull anything over her fragile head. Now that she is a little older, I find that the wrap around styling avoids having to drag the onsie back over her head after a diaper "blow-out" or a "urp-up."

(3) Trumpette Socks - really cute socks that look like Mary Janes with colored socks, makes baby look like she is wearing a real outfit.

(4)Cloth Diapers - for burp rags, for breastfeeding clean up, for tucking over the babies head when it is colder out that you thought. I already have the canine equivalent of these - I buy those stacks of white washclothes in bulk from Costco to wipe up drippy mastiff jowls after a drink of water, when cookies are in sight, to mop the floor, to wipe muddy paws. Both of my girls seem to make a variety of messes that these two white cloths seem to control.

(5) Medela Breast Pads not Avent. They are thinner and much more absorbent.

(6) On that same tangent - Victoria's Secret Body bras - the T-shirt bra style - are much better than any nursing bras I tried. They hold your breasts and the breast pads better and more discretely and...the molded cup pops right back in shape after you move it to nurse.

(7) Kiehls Massage Lotion during your pregancy!!! I have NO STRETCH MARKS, not one, not even a tiny one.

(8)Packing for the hospital - your own lightweight bathrobe, your own shampoo and conditioner, your own pillow, fuzzy socks and your cell phone with its charger...nothing won't use it, or you won't want to use it. Oh, yeah, an outfit for baby to go home in and/or for pictures and some nice cozy velour sweats for yourself for the ride home.

(9) The white noise machine works well for dogs and husband-like-people but may or may not help baby.

(10) At least in the first three months (will tell you more once she is older) - it is worth investing in name brand diapers. We are VERY happy with our Pampers Swaddlers, Pampers Sensitive Wipes and you have GOT TO GET Dr. Bordeaux's Butt Paste my daughter is the queen of rashes but NOT diaper rash. That stuff is a miracle.

I am sure I will think of more things later but those are the top ten...not actually in order of importance.


Oh...and have a glass of wine when you want one...not six glasses but helps!

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